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Rules and Guidelines

Potential New Member Bill of Rights

  1. Be treated as an individual.

  2. Be fully informed about the recruitment process.

  3. Be treated with respect.

  4. Be treated as a capable and mature person without being patronized.

  5. Be fully informed about the binding agreements implicit in the membership acceptance signing.

  6. Ask questions and receive true and objective answers from recruitment guides and members.

  7. Ask how and why and receive straight answers.

  8. Have and express opinions to recruitment guides.

  9. Have inviolable confidentiality when sharing information with recruitment guides.

  10. Have a positive, safe and enriching recruitment and new member experience.

  11. Make informed choices without undue pressure from others.

  12. Make one’s own choice and decision and accept full responsibility for the results of that decision.

Information Regarding Potential New Members

  1. Eligibility:

    1. A person is eligible to participate in recruitment if they are enrolled as a full-time matriculating student at the University of Cincinnati. Branch campus students are eligible.

    2. A person is ineligible for membership recruitment if they have signed an MRABA within the past year, or has previously been initiated in an NPC sorority.

    3. Interested people must register for recruitment and pay the applicable recruitment fee prior to the registration deadline. No late registrations will be accepted. No refunds are given.

  2. PNM Responsibilities

    1. A PNM shall provide their own transportation to and from recruitment events.

    2. Letters of recommendation are not required. PNMs who choose to send letters of recommendation must send them directly to the sororities. Letters mailed to the university will be discarded.

    3. A PNM must contact either their Rho Gamma, the CPC Vice President of Recruitment, CPC President, or CPC Advisor if they desire to withdraw from recruitment and will be asked to complete a withdrawal evaluation.

    4. If a PNM cannot attend recruitment events because of class, work, or other excuse, it is up to individual chapters to determine whether or not to invite them back. CPC will make every effort to schedule a PNMs recruitment parties around their schedule conflicts.

    5. PNMs shall not have conversation or contact (verbal, written, typed, or printed) with sororities (including active and alumnae members) outside of recruitment rounds. Strict silence is enforced.

  3. PNM Selection Process

    1. CPC promotes a mutual selection process by which PNMs indicate their preferred chapters and chapters indicate their preferred PNMs. PNMs indicate their preferred and least preferred (“regret”) chapters at the end of each recruitment round.

      1. It is possible that a PNM be scheduled to attend a chapter they regretted.

    2. Attendance at each subsequent round is based on how PNMs and chapters “mutually selected” each other. If a PNM is not scheduled to return to a chapter they preferred, it is because that chapter did not list them for next round.

  4. Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA)

    1. The University of Cincinnati College Panhellenic will uphold and use the National Panhellenic Conference’s MRABA for each PNM interested in joining a sorority, during formal recruitment.  All NPC chapters agree to all policies and steps pertaining to the MRABA.

    2. PNMs must sign an MRABA at the conclusion of preference round in order to join a sorority through the formal recruitment process.

      1. PNM’s may choose not to complete an MRABA. 

      2. PNMs that withdraw from formal recruitment or do not sign an MRABA are eligible for snap bidding and recruitment through COB.

    3. PNMs who indicate a single intentional preference and do not receive a bid are eligible for snap bidding and COB, but they are not eligible for quota addition.

    4. By signing an MRABA, a PNM is bound to the bid they receive and is considered ineligible for one calendar year to accept a bid from any other NPC sorority on the same campus.

    5. A PNM may be re-pledged by the same NPC sorority at any time within that calendar year.

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