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Recruitment Schedule

PNM Convocation

Monday, August 15

PNMs will have the opportunity to meet their Rho Gamma groups as well as learn more about the Panhellenic community and the recruitment process.

Open House Round

Tuesday, August 16

During Open House rounds, Potential New Members will have the opportunity to learn about the values and basic overview of each chapter. 

Philanthropy Round

Wednesday, August 17

During the Philanthropy round, Potential New Members will spend time with chapters to deep dive into conversations centered around values, experiences and how they support their respective philanthropies.

Sisterhood Round

Thursday, August 18

During the Sisterhood round, Potential New Members will have another opportunity to spend time with chapters and learn about their unique bonds and why actives chose their respective chapters to call home.

Preference Round

Saturday, August 20

During the Preference round, Potential New Members will take part in a very special ceremony, facilitated by the chapter, to get a taste of the chapter’s ritual. This is the final, formal round of recruitment. 


Bid Day

Saturday, August 20 

Bid Day is the day to celebrate! During this day, each chapter sends out invitations, or bids, to the women they feel best fit their chapter and who they would like to invite to join. After accepting their bid, individuals will be welcomed into their new home!

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