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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment a process that allows prospective people to get to know each Panhellenic chapter thoroughly and individually. This process allows each person to find the right fit for them in a way that is fair and unbiased.

How do I navigate Recruitment?

Each PNM is led through Recruitment by a Rho Gamma (Recruitment Guide). Rho Gammas undergo a summer of training to know exactly how to guide prospective people through this process in the best way possible. They are there to answer questions, give advice, and make sure PNMs find the right chapter for themselves. 

How does Recruitment work?

During Recruitment, each chapter hosts different rounds virtually that allows people to get to know each chapter, such as their philanthropies, sisterhoods, and values. This runs on a set schedule, which will be given to you by your Rho Gammas. Recruitment is a mutual selection process, meaning each PNM and each chapter will select each other to continue to learn about each other. This is to ensure each PNM is matched with the best chapter for them.

Can I get to know the active members beforehand?

You are welcome to reach out to people from any organization to learn more about their experience in the Panhellenic community, or about the recruitment process. You should not begin building personal relationships with members of specific chapters or having conversations specific to their organization at this time. This is to ensure recruitment is as fair a process as possible. We encourage you connect with your Rho Gammas and other people in your Rho Gamma group as soon as you are assigned.

How do I confirm my sign-up after registering?

You should receive a confirmation email, as well as see the registration payment on your bank statement. If you don’t get the email and have a question, you can reach out to us at or

Does every PNM get into their sorority? 

While PNMs are not guaranteed bids after Open House round, most PNMs will be invited back to several chapters! PNMs may not be invited back by every chapter they hope to visit, but if you attend Preference Round events and maximize your options, chances are high that you will receive a bid to join the community.

Is there anything specific we need to have done before recruitment in August?

You only need to register. After that, your Rho Gamma (recruitment counselor) will reach out to you about specific dates/times that you will need to be available.

How do I best prepare for recruitment?

The best way to prepare for recruitment is to be yourself! Our community values authenticity so as long as you show up to all the chapters you are invited to each round and are yourself, you will be just fine!

How do recommendation letters work?

Letters of recommendation are not necessary to participate in the recruitment process, but if you have someone close to you that would like to write one, it can be helpful!


Those are submitted through each individual chapter’s national/international website. There should be information on that website on how each chapter receives them.

What if I have a physical disability?

Our Panhellenic community strives to be as inclusive as possible in regards to race, gender, religion and physical / mental capabilities. There will be a virtual option for PNM’s during Fall 2021 recruitment and beyond that will not put anyone at a disadvantage. This option will alleviate in-person house tour accommodations and individuals with limited mobility.

Can I participate in recruitment if I am transitioning, non-binary or identify as a woman?

Yes! Each chapter holds various membership requirements per National HQ governance, but all remain true in their strides in creating an inclusive community. For more specific information, please visit the chapter’s national website or reach out to a CPC Recruitment team member.

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