Formal Recruitment can seem like a scary process, but it doesn't have to be! We're here to help make this as comfortable and exciting as possible. Here are some commonly asked questions about the Recruitment process and their answers. For any more questions, please reach out to our Vice President of Recruitment.


What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is a two-weekend-long process that allows prospective women to get to know each Panhellenic chapter thoroughly and individually. This process allows each woman to find the right fit for her in a way that is fair and unbiased.

How do I navigate Recruitment?

Each woman is led through Recruitment in groups by a Rho Gamma (Recruitment Guide). Rho Gammas undergo a summer of training to know exactly how to guide prospective women through this process in the best way possible. They are there to answer questions, give advice, and make sure she finds the right chapter for her. 

How does Recruitment work?

During the two weekends Recruitment takes place, each chapter hosts different rounds that allow women to tour their houses, learn about their philanthropies, their sisterhoods, and their values. This runs on a set schedule, which will be given to you by your Rho Gammas. Recruitment is a mutual selection process, meaning each woman and each chapter will select each other to continue to learn about each other. This is to ensure each woman is matched with the best chapter for her. 

What do I wear?

While each round suggests different attire, UC Panhellenic encourages every woman going through Recruitment to dress in a way that reflects her true self. For ideas on what to wear, click here or check the PNM Handbook.

What happens after Recruitment is over?

The final day of recruitment is the best day - Bid Day! Bid Day is when each chapter sends out invitations, or bids, to the women they feel fit best in their chapter and who they would like to invite to join. After accepting her bid, each woman is led to their chapter's house to celebrate their new membership! It truly is an exciting day!